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EXPERT MOVERS KZ  اکسبرت لنقل اثاث

Moving your household in shortest time possible without any complications

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We are specialized movers that can work under any circumstances providing the best service you can find in United Arab Emirates. We deploy workers for specific tasks that makes sure our service is delivered as committed.

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We specialize in moving Your HOUSE HOLD

Exportmovers will glad to give you good service for there good record in future. Expertmovers will pack unpack all your stuff with safety. And fix your all furniture cartainsect. In your new house. We will move your home appliances from Dubai.

Residential Moving
(Flat, Apartments, Villas)

Highly Trained Packing Staff

Expert Handyman services

Assembling of flat pack
furniture (IKEA, Home Center etc)

Disposal services

Furniture Assembling

Curtains and blinds rods fixing

Provision cotton role

Commercial Moving
(Offices, Hotels, Warehouse etc)

Expert Carpenters

Cargo packing staff

Packing and shifting Services

Furniture dismantling

Lcd and bracket fixing

Providing bubble rap

Boxes and packing material supplies




  Bubble Wrap
  Corrugated Cardboard Roll
  Export Standard Tape
  Stretch Film
  Polythene Rolls



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